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GAYLE B. AUSTIN: 4/27/19 – Real life horror story. This compelling story of one woman’s real life nightmare will make you pause and ask yourself if you would have the fortitude to keep going when there is no light at the end of the tunnel. No one should have to suffer what she had to endure.
A well written book that leaves you with just as many questions as answers.

MARCUS: 3/29/19 – The author wasted little time describing the main characters with unique terms which creating realistic visuals. This is a very riveting story of the good, the bad, the incompetent, the thoughtless, the uncaring and is also an indictment of a judicial system completely run amok where those with shiny badges and big offices suffer from the disease of terminal self-importance. Those folks believe their opinion is all that counts and there is never another side to a story as their view is the correct view, no matter what the evidence states to the contrary. They wanted the author to believe she didn’t stand a chance against them, without regard to her innocence.

The travesty this author experienced would defeat and utterly ruin an average person. That she not only came through the experience with enough energy to write this book, and prevailed against a system that was (and likely still is) misogynistic to the extreme is Remarkable.

I found myself wanting to scream at the small-minded lunatics who wanted to put this women behind bars for good, when the evidence was telling them they were looking in the wrong direction. Economically, to beat the judicial system takes a lot of money and the right legal team because it is a system designed to financially and emotionally destroy all who are accused. (Unless, of course, you have money and contacts as we see in the news these days.)

The book keeps moving along at a good pace and finding a location to stop for the night was challenging in a good way.

No doubt this should be on every book club’s TO READ list.
I highly recommend it.

KEEPSMILING: 2/22/19 – A story of God’s grace. Picked up this book and couldn’t put it down. If you like a really good Dateline or Cold Case Files story, then you will love this book. All this lady has gone through and still survived is the exact image of a strong women. May God forgive those who trespassed against her. May God forgive the “church” for their part in leaving her feeling hopeless and alone. God bless you Joyce. I know that you have found that God’s grace is sufficient.

FRANK: 2/22/19 – A story about one woman’s love, commitment but most of all, strength. This is a must read! It is a compelling story so well written that it draws you into a world you can’t imagine actually existed. This story will cause you to go through every emotion you are capable of feeling (over and over).

KINDLE CUSTOMER: 2/21/19 – Story of triumph after much adversity. An amazing, true story. This is one book you will remember long after you have put it down.

JACQUELYN: 2/20/19 – It is a book you won’t want to put down. I thought the book was well done. It kept my interest. I felt an injustice was done to Joyce but I felt through this book she could write her story and give the true accounts of what happened. People can lie and in the 80’s I think there were a lot more people that what to prison without probable cause. I’m glad that Joyce was able to tell her story and enlighten all of us. Good book!!!!

AARON: 2/6/19 – Page Turner. Captivating. Intense. Genuine.

BOUKAS: 2/5/19 – Losing a child is a mother’s worst nightmare, NO, believe it or not it can get worse, MUCH, MUCH worse! This mother & author is the single most courageous person I can ever imagine. To live this nightmare and then share with the world how truly broken our legal system is and how cruel it can be to those caught up in it – you just can’t stop until you reach the end!

KAT RAY: 1/18/19 – 5 Stars. Writing a review for this book is such an honor! This book will leave you feeling multiple emotions. The book was so intense I read it in its entirety in about 6 hours, it was hard to put down. What ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? There was such a miscarriage of justice, in the judicial system. The book will leave you waiting to read the next chapter.

LAHEY: 12/10/18 – You will fall in love with Adam. If you want a definition of unconditional love, you must read this story. Murder is not an easy subject to talk about, especially if it’s about your own son. Joyce does a fantastic job guiding us through her darkest days and lead us towards a shiny day in San Diego. Your heart will cry, tear apart and be filled with love and laughter. I hugged my son after reading this book.

JAYDEE: 11/22/18 – This is an amazing account of triumph over incomprehensible violations and oppositions from every side. Ms. Lefler is a warrior.

KAREN GOULD: 11/12/18 – A touching story of a mother’s love and the injustices she faced. The author makes you feel as if you know her little boy. You can feel the love she and her daughter have for their little brother. He comes to life and when he is killed, you feel yourself drawn in to NEED to know what happened. When you see her family and her church families turn their back on her you want to curse them for the hypocrites they are. When you see our justice system fail her time and again, you wish you could reach back in time and help her. A compelling, true story of a mother’s courage and resilience.

JESSICA FIEROS: 10/26/18 – Wow! This is an incredible true story of a heartbroken mother’s journey for justice in the case of her murdered son. She doesn’t give up even when the odds are continuously stacked against her. This story made me cry, smile, and showed me just how powerful a parent’s love for their children can be. The author also currently works with organizations that support parents of murdered children, so please reach out to her if you need to! Read it!

JOYCE HALL: 10/25/18 – An amazing story. This is a wonderful compelling true story of a young woman’s journey dealing with a special needs child and an abusive marriage. How she dealt with the wrongful death of her son, and put her life back together and had the strength to endure is amazing. She now has a warm loving marriage and life. This book is a must. Couldn’t put it down.

REMO:  10/8/18 – Makes one wonder, WHY? An amazing story of how things can go wrong. How our legal system can fail people. How people make choices that can hurt and change lives. An amazing outcome of this moms world.

ML2011: 9/25/18 – An Amazing Read: This book really held my interest & shares all 1 mom went through in caring so much for her kids & trying to improve herself by going to school to become a nurse. Her daughter also paid the price with the miscarriage of justice. A riveting yet sad, real life story. Thank goodness this cold case was opened and solved. My heart goes out to this family of 3.

MYSTIC MOODS: 9/16/18 – A powerful, powerful story of justice and triumph for a little boy who deserved so much more, and for an innocent woman who was accused of murdering her own child. Joyce Lefler tells Adam’s story, and her own, with compassion and dispassion, with conviction, and most of all, with a frightening clarity in exposing the weaknesses in our justice system. Kudos to the detectives who reopened the cold case on Adam’s murder, and refused to give up until they uncovered the truth.

JAIME: 9/12/18 – A worthy read. I can’t stop thinking about this book, a true chronicle of the most challenging series of life events that most cannot even fathom. It is written so beautifully, comprehensively, and honorably. But the story is so horrific that I was nervous to pick it up and begin. Yes, it is heart-wrenching, but it is simultaneously uplifting as you champion for the survivors. Joyce and Adam’s story deserves your time and open mind to let in the truth. Your heart will thank you.

PA S: 9/12/18 – Amazing Story. The memoir is well written and is an amazing story. I found myself getting angry at all those who turned their backs on Joyce, or dropped the ball, and am impressed with the strength and determination Joyce had to carry on. Held my interest all the way through.

SHARMA LITTLE: 8/28/18 – Awesome book. It has to be a movie. You must read this book! It will soon be a movie or tv show. I definitely could not put it down. Not sure how Joyce made it through, what no human should have to endure. I am not usually a reader and seriously could not put it down!

CHEIR VAN SANT: 8/25/18 – The strength of one woman to battle a broken system. This true story was so difficult to read, but so important! The criminal justice system often makes mistakes and then is unwilling to back down when shown to be wrong. What a brave and incredibly strong woman Joyce is! I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in how the criminal justice system sometimes goes terrible wrong.

CAITLAIN MATEKEL: 8/15/18 – From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam by Joyce A. Lefler is the heartbreaking story of a mother’s biggest nightmare becoming her own reality. The story was gut wrenching from the very beginning but the tragic turn of events when her son was murdered, and she was accused truly captivated me. Her chronological format made the story feel incredibly real and as though the reader was walking this path alongside her. Lefler turned her pain and heartache into undying will, driven by unconditional love. The story addressed some of the most complex and, often ignored, experiences of women through marriages and motherhood. These complexities then intensify as she is faced with something most women never even think of. Joyce’s persistence and dedication to proving her innocence, fighting for her children, and making the world a better place is alive in every word of this story. She has honored her “elf boy” so beautifully. She allowed me to love her son and feel her pain through each page. It was an incredible read that I would recommend to everyone!

I was given an Advance Review Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

SHANNON M. ARCHER: 8/8/18 – I couldn’t put this book down and read until the late hours of the night to finish it. While I cannot begin to comprehend what the author must have experienced, she brings her story to you in such a way that you feel all the emotions…love, grief, hatred, anger, compassion and even forgiveness. I am in awe of her strength and dignity.

AMAZON CUSTOMER: 8/8/18 – A true and compelling story. I liked the chronology of events, the unfolding of the lives involved, and the fortitude of the author!!!

SHAWN BESTVATER: 8/2/18 – You might be tempted to call this just a story. It is also a thriller mixed with an edge of mystery, but none of these descriptors do justice to what is a true story bound to take you on an emotional roller coaster. You might cry the first few pages to later finding yourself angry. Other times smiling along in a joyful moment shared within the pages. Some might even be able to relate to bits here, here, and there. Few would be unmoved.

This is a somewhat fast read at less than 300 pages. The editing process has no doubt helped streamline things and years of experiences packed in a single book may find you reading an extra page or two each time.

The actual writing is very polished, especially for a “new” author. In my view this is better from a readability standpoint though I expected something more raw. More specifically what I mean by polished, is the use of the Five Senses. It took me a couple of chapters to not notice it anymore. By the end it is appreciated.

Book closing includes a “where are they now” which I thought was a nice touch.

Disclaimer: Although I have met the author, my copy was not free nor response solicited.

JENNIFER H: 7/30/18 – An incredible and moving story. Such an inspiring story of survival in the midst of the worst tragedy a parent could ever face. Little Adam’s legacy lives on through these pages, as does his mother’s incredible story of surviving loss and overcoming injustice without the help of those that should have supported her and her children: family, church, and the US court system. Joyce is a warrior!

REVIEW FOR YOU: 7/29/18 – Tragic story told with grace. Wow! I knew that this true account would be riveting, but Joyce’s choice of words is beautiful, her clear devotion to precious Adam is truly inspiring and so sweet. I am amazed at her strength, grace, and her ability to tell this tragic story with such finesse.

GOOD NIGHT NURSE: 7/25/18 – A mother’s courageous, years-long battle to get justice for her angelic elf boy. As a retired RN and Public Health Nurse, I am well aware that stories such as this are too plentiful and frequent. As a woman who escaped an abusive first marriage to protect my infant son, I can relate to many of the author’s feelings and experiences. As a childhood friend of the author, I can attest to her credibility as she describes the heartbreaking family dynamic that deprived her of love and support when she needed it most. Joyce’s story rings true and is a beautifully written tribute to her miracle child. Her terrible struggles led her to where she is today, as an obstetrical nurse, facilitator for parents of murdered children, and voice for abused women and children. A must-read. Life handed her lemons but she didn’t make lemonade — she baked a whole lemon meringue pie.

PAUL K. 7/24/18 – A very gripping story. Very well written details of characters and events bring you into the tragedies and triumphs, tears and laughter in a very personal encounter.

M.W: 7/21/18 – A gut wrenching story of a mother’s love and devotion to her children. A look into why so many mothers chose to stay in abusive relationships when there are no options. This is also a story of the challenges facing single women to provide and protect their children. After overcoming the so many obstacles, nothing could have prepared her for what was to come.
This is a story of a mother’s horrific journey through a cruel and unforgiving criminal justice system after wrongfully being accused of murdering the disabled child she was devoted to protect. This is the gut-wrenching story of how Joyce Lefler battled a system in search of justice. This is a story of loss, not only the unimaginable loss of a child to murder, but also the rippling aftermath for years to follow.


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