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B.R.A.G. MEDALLION HONOREE: 2/25/19 – We are proud to announce that FROM MIRACLE TO MURDER: Justice for Adam by Joyce A. Lefler is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells readers that this book is well worth their time and money!

BRICE E. BUEHLER, Brice E. B my attorney and friend: “Successfully defending Joyce Clark (now Joyce Lefler) against murder charges was the pinnacle of my criminal defense practice. I knew Joyce didn’t kill her disabled little boy after our first meeting. She loved that child with all of her heart. The story of the fire she walked through is powerful and provocative. Thank God, Joyce was exonerated and has gone forward with her life. She remains one of the most courageous and determined people I have known.” Bravo!

CHARLES L. RYAN, Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections: “Thank you for sharing your story and the challenges that you have endured — you are an incredibly strong woman and I greatly resolve that strength. I’ve met/experienced many victims/survivors during the previous 40+ years — I consider Joyce to be one of those with the greatest strength!”

STEVE TWIST, C0-Founder of Arizona Voice for Crime Victims, writer of the Victims’ Bill of Rights: “Ms. Lefler has written a compelling story of courage and perseverance in the pursuit of justice for Adam. Her voice, and the voices of all victims, need to be heard.”

LISA G. SMITH, PhD, RN, CNE, Dean and Professor, College of Nursing & Health Care Professions, Grand Canyon University: “Ms. Lefler communicates a personal tragedy of unimaginable loss and persecution. Yet, through it all there is still hope in humanity. Her story is tough to read, yet reveals a resilience and perseverance that needs to be heard.”

BECKIE A. MILLER, Chapter-Leader, Parents Of Murdered Children, Valley of the Sun Chapter: “Joyce shares a story of horrific heartbreak but also of amazing resilience and hope. Losing a child to murder is the most devastating event that can happen to a parent, but then to be wrongly charged with the murder and all that ensued in her life afterwards is the ultimate injustice and something that no one should have to endure. She truly epitomizes the word survive.”

RANDY DANIELSON, (Adam’s Physician Assistant) 3/28/19 – A Heartfelt Account of Heartbreak and Hard times: I couldn’t put the book down! Every word, every paragraph, every page leaped out at me! A personal story that is told in the words of a loving mother caught in the tragic web of physical and mental abuse. In the face of the death ( later determined murder) of her special needs son, she clearly describes her misadventures with the healthcare system, law enforcement, child protective services, and the legal system. Perseverance to be a nurse and the love of her family prevails! A must read for any parent….no, for any person!

CHRISTY K. ROBINSON, editor and historical author: “A quick, compulsive, must-read thriller you wouldn’t expect from the mother of a murdered child. From Miracle to Murder is a mystery both fascinating and horrifying.”

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