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I Grieve – Peter Gabriel
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(Adam and his forever Mommy)


Winner of the B.R.A.G. Medallion Award

From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam


Miracle is the story of my son and daughter. I am their voice.

In the big picture of the world, I am no one important, but my son was,

and my daughter needs to know that what she went through counted for something good.

That is the mission of From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam.


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From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam is dedicated to:

1. those who survive emotional, physical, financial, spiritual or sexual abuse – as a child or as an adult,

2. parents, relatives, and friends who know the grief of burying a murdered child,

3. those who were falsely accused of a crime they did not do,

4. children or adults who were raised in or belonged to a misogynistic religious cult,

5. children disabled with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and their care-providers.