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I Grieve – Peter Gabriel
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This monster committed heinous misogyny, abuse, and murder against my helpless and disabled child.

His name is Harley D Spencer aka. Eugene A Colombaro. 

He is still alive. I don’t know why.

At last report he lived in Ogden, Utah. 

He served time in prison but was released early for  “good behavior.” He never apologized. He never paid restitution of any kind.

Where is the justice in that?  Justice for Adam did not happen.

Eugene Anthony Colombaro aka. Harley D. Spencer’s method of operation is to pose as a deeply religious man and prey on single women with small children who own their homes.

Could he be your neighbor? Does he attend your church, your ward, or synagogue? He poses as a devout Mormon – LDS. He may even hold a card for priesthood.

My hope is that soon, he will be granted the heritage he earned and face the judgement and wrath of God.