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I Grieve – Peter Gabriel
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According to Childhelp the United States has one of the worst records of child abuse among industrialized nations, losing an average between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect.

From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam, is my true crime memoir of how life became hell when I was accused of murder while the real murderer of my disabled son lived free.

According to several victim impact statements submitted to the courts for his sentencing hearing in 2002, the truth of Harley Spencer aka. Eugene Colombaro was exposed after a delay of decades. This delay occurred because the investigation into Adam’s murder focused on an innocent person – me. The scars from being accused- and having my daughter taken away from me – became a heritage of panic, grief, and greatly contributed to my symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Incomplete investigations lead to a strong dissociation between what is true and what is false. This dissociation leads to prejudice against innocent people and allows the guilty parties to go free. Justice for the innocent is delayed or denied and the criminal is allowed to perpetuate his crimes against new victims.

I was recently contacted by a child, now an adult, who Harley Spencer seriously harmed.  She was masterfully manipulated and maliciously abused by this monster. Spencer’s method of operation is to hide behind a pious, charismatic mask, and prey upon the vulnerable.  She is a survivor, but she will never be given the justice she needs because the statute of limitations passed for the crimes against nature he committed on this child. I hope and pray this young woman receives help, finds healing, peace, and freedom from her nightmares of PTSD.

Several of Spencer’s former children and wives accused him of many instances of physical and sexual abuse against them. He is an evil example of misogyny. Perhaps if prosecutors had investigated Spencer instead of persecuting me, no doubt some of these crimes could have been prevented.

Heather Young and her brother, Matthew, were once foster children in the care of Jean and Harley Spencer. Jean and Harley Spencer physically and emotionally abused them. Jean and Harley Spencer are the same two people who befriended me and introduced me to the man they claimed to be their son, Harley Spencer aka. Eugene Colombaro. Please read Heather’s story in her memoir, Ezra and Hadassah. Her book is on Amazon.



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