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For the Other Survivors

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Eugene Colombaro aka. Harley Spencer was convicted of murdering my very small and precious child in a cold, calculating, and heinous manner. Eugene Colombaro aka. Harley Spencer lied about me so convincingly, police detectives, a coroner, and attorneys believed him. It took 18 years and a team of experts to uncover his lies. In some ways, I know I will always be on trial. I was recently contacted by a child, now an adult, who Eugene Colombaro seriously harmed. This young lady believes I sexually molested her when she was a child. I don’t know when or how I was supposed to do this but I believe she was masterfully manipulated and maliciously abused by Eugene Colombaro. I no more molested this child than I murdered my son. My daughter grew up believing the worst of me. It has taken decades for the damage to heal. Colombaro’s method of operation is to hide behind a pious, charismatic mask, and prey upon the vulnerable. I hope and pray this young woman will receive the help she needs, know this is another lie told by Eugene Colombaro aka. Harley Spencer, finds healing, peace, and freedom from nightmares.

Tonya Craft was a kindergarten teacher with two children of her own when she was accused of molesting children. Her life spiraled into a witch trial maelstrom until her innocence was proven. Tonya Craft wrote a book, Accused: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and the Strength to Forgive. I’ve added a link to her book on Amazon.

I wrote a book about my story, From Miracle to Murder: Remembering Adam. I hope to have it available on Amazon in 2018.

Unanswered Questions

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#1: Did the original Harley Debs Spencer give Eugene Colombaro permission to take his name? What was Eugene Colombaro’s motive in changing his name to the exact same name of a living person?

#2: Did Harley and Jean Spencer know about Eugene’s past when they introduced him to me and invited me to have him babysit Adam? Before marrying and divorcing Hilda, Eugene had been married once before. That union produced a son. It is believed Eugene tried to molest and strangle that son. How much did the Spencers know?

#3: Why did Harley Spencer not tell me about Eugene’s confession, the one made about a year after Adam’s death, when Eugene had his hands around Janine Canfield’s neck, a woman who was once the mother of his and Hilda’s foster son. It is believed both Harley Spencer and Dick Hill were present during or shortly thereafter this confession. The Phoenix police department responded to this call. The Phoenix police department lost this report.

#4: Were Jean and Harley Spencer good people? Jean Spencer treated Adam with kindness and provided a haven from the turmoil in my life. She also introduced me to Eugene Colombaro. Was her motive to convert me to her religion and then to marry me to Eugene? One of their former foster children, Heather Young, contacted me. She wrote a book about what it was really like growing up in their home. I knew her brother, Matthew. He was a gentle soul. I knew Emilia. She was a beautiful girl full of dreams of the future. According to Heather, Jean and Harley Spencer gave their foster children a miserable life in exchange for foster money. I’ve added a link to her book on Amazon: Ezra and Hadassah: A Portrait of American Royalty