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For Other Survivors

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According to several victim impact statements submitted to the courts for his sentencing hearing, Spencer aka. Colombaro, had a history of abusing women and sexually molesting children.

I was recently contacted by a child, now an adult, who Eugene Colombaro seriously harmed.  She was masterfully manipulated and maliciously abused. Colombaro’s method of operation is to hide behind a pious, charismatic mask, and prey upon the vulnerable. I hope and pray this young woman receives the help she needs, finds healing, peace, and freedom from nightmares.

Heather Young and her brother, Matthew, were once foster children in the care of Jean and Harley Spencer. They were abused by them. Jean and Harley Spencer are the same two people who befriended me and introduced me to Eugene Colombaro. Please read Heather’s story in her book, Ezra and Hadassah. I’ve added a link to her book on Amazon.

It Happened to Audrey is a book about a loving mom who was wrongly accused – and convicted – and imprisoned – as a baby killer. The Innocence Project won her freedom and her conviction was overturned.

Kirk Bloodsworth was charged with the rape and murder of a nine year old girl. He was convicted and sentenced to die in Maryland’s gas chamber. He bacame the first death row inmate exonerated by DNA evidence. Bloodsworth is the book that tells his story.

Tonya Craft was a kindergarten teacher with two children of her own when she was accused of molesting children. Her life spiraled into a witch trial maelstrom until her innocence was proven. Tonya Craft wrote a book, Accused: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and the Strength to Forgive. I’ve added a link to her book on Amazon.

I wrote a book about my own story, From Miracle to Murder: Remembering Adam. I hope to have it available on Amazon in 2018.